Build your first bot with Optobot beta

Here are a few steps to help you build your first bot.

  1. Create a new account here Optobot Beta

  2. Create a new project (chatbot)
    You can create an account & an app on and then add your server token in your new project, or you can just write the project name and Optobot will create a app for you.

  3. Open your favorite editor and create two files; DSL and NLP files (.optodsl and .optonlp)
    Check out the documentation to help you build your bot’s dialogue. NLP File and DSL File

  4. Upload your files in the upload screen
    Note that it may take few minutes for to be trained.

  5. Test and Try to chat with your bot{project_id}/bot

  6. You can make modifications to your DSL file and upload it again if needed

  7. When it is ready, click on the release button and let your bot Go Live!
    You can integrate with Facebook by linking your bot with your facebook page from the Edit screen{project_id}/edit
    Or/And you can add this widget to your website{project_id}

Congratulations :tada: You have built your First Bot!